Tuesday, June 24, 2014

NetApp - Disk Replace Command

When trying to run the disk replace command on our NetApp Filer, we received the following error:

raid.rg.diskcopy.failed:ALERT]: /aggr0/plex0/rg1: unable to start disk copy from 0a.00.10 to 2c.26: Disk is from the wrong spare pool

Although we do not use SyncMirror, we have disks in both Pool 0 and Pool 1.  Best practice is to have one Pool if you do not use SyncMirror.  To allow the disk replace to continue you need to run the command as follows:

disk replace start [-f] [-m]
This command uses Rapid RAID Recovery to copy data from the specified file system disk to the specified spare disk. At the end of that process, roles of disks are reversed. The spare disk will replace the file system disk in the RAID group and the file system disk will become a spare. The option -f can be used to skip the confirmation. The option -m allows mixing disks with different characteristics. It allows using the target disk with rotational speed that does not match that of the majority of disks in the aggregate. It also allows using the target disk from the opposite spare pool.

Source: NetApp Library