Thursday, October 1, 2015

Error deleting files with long names

Recently I needed to remove a shared folder and found it contained files with extremely long filenames.  Unfortunately, Windows was unable to rename or delete the files. 

For the solution, I found two options.  The first is using Robocopy.  Create a new empty folder.  Run Robocopy and set the source as the new empty folder and the destination as the path/folder you want to delete.  End the Robocopy command line with a /purge.

The second solution is using 7-Zip.  If you don't already use this as your zipping/unzipping tool, you should.  Open 7-Zip File Manager and navigate to the problematic folder and perform a Shift-Delete.

Monday, March 16, 2015

Terminal Server 2003 Font Rendering

An issue has come up with Server 2003 and font rendering when connecting via RDP.  In my case, users are running a Microsoft Access-based application and the text is very difficult to read.

In February's Patch Tuesday, Microsoft released update  3013455.  In that update, there is also a "known issues" section which mentions this exact problem of text rendering, and also link to a fix.

In my case, the fix solved the issue.

Microsoft TechNet